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Protest votes – be careful what you wish for

Last week, we were having dinner with three like-minded friends. We usually agree on most things, in particular where politics is concerned. Naturally, the conversation turned to the upcoming UK general election. One of our friends asked the general question … Continue reading

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The challenge of reverse sexism

I was watching “The Voice UK” on Saturday night, the second episode of the battle rounds. Whilst enjoying the amazing performances from all of the competitors, something stuck in my craw. The battle between Jake and Stephen was amazing, with … Continue reading

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Justice must be blind

Yesterday, amidst all the furore about Mohammed Emwazi, I heard the research director of the campaign organisation, Cage, being grilled on Radio 4’s Today programme about the charity’s supposed “support” for Omar Bakri Muhammad Fustuq, a well-known Islamic hate preacher … Continue reading

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Rolf Harris and unreliable memories

I have to admit that, as a survivor of child abuse and a victim of groping in my teens, I was really pleased to see Rolf Harris convicted and given a prison sentence last week. Every time this happens, it … Continue reading

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British Social Attitudes Survey 2012 – a worrying trend

Today, the latest British Social Attitudes Survey (for 2011 to 2012) has been released. If you want to read it in full, click here. I am intending to deal with one section of it in this post – attitudes to … Continue reading

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Protecting Our Children – my thoughts

I finally managed to sit down and watch the first episode of BBC2’s new series about social workers (Protecting Our Children) last night. I was immensely moved. I have felt for several years that social workers get a raw deal … Continue reading

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Assisted suicide and euthanasia

It will be no secret to anyone who reads my blog regularly or knows me that I am in favour of assisted suicide and euthanasia in controlled conditions. My reasons for this are both personal and ethical. Ethically, I feel … Continue reading

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Super Injunctions and what constitutes “public interest”

BBC political journalist and broadcaster, Andrew Marr, has admitted today that he took out a so-called “super-injunction” to stop the press from reporting his extra-marital affair several years ago. In his statement, he apparently said he was ashamed of having … Continue reading

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Our imperialist need to criticise all the time

On the radio this morning, I heard a so-called nuclear “expert”, whose name I didn’t catch, unfortunately, commenting on the Japanese decision to send helicopters to drop water on the stricken Fukushima nuclear plant. His comments shocked me. Rather than … Continue reading

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