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Why so-called “Islamic State” won’t be stopped by bombs and drone strikes

The sad death of Kayla Mueller at the hands of the so-called Islamic State brings the death toll of IS hostages to an alarming level. I am aware that IS are claiming that she died in a Jordanian air strike, but … Continue reading

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Remembering the forgotten victims of the Holocaust

Yesterday was Holocaust Memorial Day and the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz. It is essential that we never forget the Holocaust and the horrible mechanisation and normalisation of genocide which it engendered. Six million Jews were killed, and … Continue reading

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International Conscientious Objectors Day

Today, 15th May, is International Conscientious Objectors Day. A Conscientious Objector (CO) is someone who refuses to join any military organisation or fight in any war for religious, moral or ideological reasons. COs have always been viewed with suspicion and fear, … Continue reading

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The ridiculousness of market fluctuations

Yesterday, I listened with interest to Ed Milliband’s speech at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton. In case you’ve been outside the news bubble for the last 24 hours or so, he stated that, if the Labour Party were to … Continue reading

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Women Bishops and the need for a split in the Anglican Communion

On 11th November 1992, I was in the middle of studying for my Religious Education A level. My (female) RE teacher was passionately in favour of women priests being allowed to be ordained into the Church of England, so on … Continue reading

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The row over LEGO’s new “friends” range for girls

You may have read in the papers or online recently about a very public social media backlash against LEGO and it’s decision to bring out a new range “for girls”, called LEGO Friends.  The range features new style “girly” figures, … Continue reading

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Alan Turing papers saved for the nation

Seeing as it is still LGBT History Month in the UK (just), I was thrilled to hear that a number of important papers written by the eminent code-breaker, Alan Turing, have been saved for the nation. They were in danger … Continue reading

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