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Miley Cyrus and THAT performance

I’m not going to write much about this, as I think the excellent blogger and journalist, Emily Heist-Moss, has said it all here. However, here is what I will say. I just watched the video of Miley’s performance with my … Continue reading

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The ASA and L’Oreal’s foundation ads

So, at last, the Advertising Standards Authority has started banning magazine make-up ads for being “unrepresentative”. After they banned a Twiggy ad for Olay┬áin December, they seem to have continued to look at ads which are drawn to their attention, … Continue reading

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Super Injunctions and what constitutes “public interest”

BBC political journalist and broadcaster, Andrew Marr, has admitted today that he took out a so-called “super-injunction” to stop the press from reporting his extra-marital affair several years ago. In his statement, he apparently said he was ashamed of having … Continue reading

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An “illusion of innocence” at the Royal Wedding?

I recently read this light-hearted article by the royal commentator, Talbot Church, in The Independent. All the stuff and nonsense about whether males in the royal family should wear wedding rings, and the Queen’s apparent apoplexy over Prince Andrew wearing … Continue reading

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Trouble for biographies (2010 Costa Book Awards)

I’ve just started reading my Jan/Feb/Mar edition of the excellent quarterly magazine for women writers, Mslexia. I was shocked to read that the judges for the Costa Book Awards 2010 announced in November that they had only been able to … Continue reading

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