The ABC’s of Sexual Violence Around the World

Hope for Her

Woman in Herat, Afghanistan via Woman in Herat, Afghanistan via

Well it is officially Fall! After taking the summer off, its back to blogging!

This year I want to go on a little journey around the world highlighting the different forms of sexual violence that women and girls face every day. There are many “hot spots” around the world when it comes to sexual violence but the plight of females in many countries goes unnoticed. I hope I can highlight some of these. As you come on the journey with me I want to make two things clear. 1. Sexual violence whatever form or perceived extremity is horrific, playing comparison games is futile and cruel. 2. Sexual violence is a global, local and familial problem for us all. We need each other if we are to end it. On that note…lets start at the beginning….A!

A is for Afghanistan – Rape and Punishment

Rape and domestic…

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