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If you tolerate this then your daughters will be next

By @sssukiii

Designers searching for convincing images of women in the workplace may find themselves sifting through an onslaught of contrived, hilarious and downright weird photos of air brushed models pretending to concentrate.

Whilst creating a campaign to inspire savvy graduates, we decided to analyse results of searches for women in a range of contexts. These included women in the advice, IT and architecture sectors, as well as broader contexts such as natural women, normal women and feminists. So how useful are image libraries in terms of their relevance to search keywords and how easy it is to find images which real people can relate to?

Known for being the fairer sex, we expected our search for ‘female advisers’ to lead to a reasonable range of convincing images.

Our search resulted in the following.

What kind of female adviser is this? Are those vitamin pills or valium tablets? Would you…

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