My book is out!

Finally, after about a year’s work, my first book of short stories is being published! Ok, so I’m publishing it myself, but that still counts as “published” in my opinion!
The book is a collection of the comic short stories, Postcards from France, which I wrote whilst we were living in France between 2002 and 2008, with a couple of new ones which I wrote this year after a couple of holidays in La Belle France.
Sadly, my inspiration for collecting them into a book is not a happy one, but I think that this is a positive end to a very sad story. When I started writing these stories, I sent them home to be published in my father’s parish magazine (he’s a C-of-E vicar). The editor of the parish magazine was a lovely man called Peter Sergeant. Pete loved my stories, always sending me replies to my e-mails every month congratulating me and telling me how much I had made him laugh. I called him my biggest fan! His support and encouragement really helped me to feel good about my writing skills.
Sadly, in July 2010, Pete died, after a long battle with cancer. In his last few weeks and days, he and his family were wonderfully cared for and supported by St Barnabas House Hospice in Worthing, West Sussex, where Pete eventually passed away.
I couldn’t think of a better way to honour Pete’s memory than to raise money for St Barnabas House Hospice by publishing the stories he loved in a book which I have dedicated to him. This book also honours the memory of Jenny Hancock, a friend of ours who died in France in 2006 (a good friend, who is still greatly missed), and the many other friends and family we have who have battled cancer or are still battling it today.
If you would like to support the Hospice by buying Postcards from France, please follow this link to go to the website where it’s on sale, or click on the button below the put it directly into your basket! The book is available for £5, as a paperback or a downloadable e-book, and buying one online is easy if you have a debit/credit card or a Paypal account. The paperback will also be on sale from all the Hospice’s retail shops in Sussex within the next few weeks.
Approximately £3 from every book sold will go to the Hospice, so the more I can sell, the better.
 I do hope anyone who reads this blog will buy a copy, enjoy the stories, and give money to this very worthy cause.
Please feel free to tell everyone you know!

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

About Liz Terry

I love to write, and have had quite a few articles published over the years. I write non-fiction on all sorts of subjects, including my own life and what matters to me. I write a blog, called "My Random Ramblings", which you can access by clicking to view my complete profile and then clicking on the link at the bottom. I also wrote a new blog in 2013 called "The 365 Project - a photo diary in words". Intrigued? Then you need to click to view my complete profile and click on the relevant link at the bottom.
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